May 9, 2116

Welcome Letter

Dear Woman of Purpose,

don't mind the futuristic date of this post, it's the only way to be sure the welcome is the first thing you see, also to make a comment click on the box below each post that says 'no comments.'

     We're so happy you stopped by to visit. We had you in mind when we created this space. This is a safe place where you can come for encouragement, inspiration or just to tell your story. To the right of this post, you will see a 'Follow by Email' option. Please enter your email address using this secure feature to receive daily updates.

     We also want to hear from you. Are you a stay at home mom? We want to hear tips on how you mange to keep up with all your responsibilities and hold on to your sanity. Are you a professional woman? How do you handle the demands of the day and not lose yourself in the process? Does your life consists of volunteer work? How do you prevent burnout when everything you do is for someone else? Have you encountered any type of abuse, illness or has devastation knocked on your front door? How do you cope in the midst of these unbearable trials? If you're interested in sharing your story, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at:

     Maybe we have different cultures, beliefs, family dynamics or socioeconomic status. But the one thing we all have in common is the need for one another; that's the heart of this blog, supporting each other during the various stages of life.We so look forward to journeying with you, talk soon!☺️

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