Jun 30, 2016

John 10:10 - Do you see the enemy's agenda, to steal, kill and destroy.
So don't be fooled there is a real enemy that has a serious motive to destroy God's people. But Christ, our Savior and Lord has come that we might have life and have it abundantly. What hope! Thank you Lord! Be blessed

Jun 29, 2016

Psalm 62.5 When you have a personal relationship with God and you believe and trust Him with all your heart, then you learn to wait on Him. Its not uncommon for the demands of this life to bring on anxiety and undue stress but I encourage you to pray and wait on God. And why do we wait quietly before Him? Because our hope is in Him, our hope is bright because God is our Hope. One of my mother's favorite song's while growing up was; "With Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm," so when we put our trust and hope in God nothing else really matters. Be blessed...    

Jun 28, 2016

Psalm 51:10 In other words Lord, please create in me a pure heart, a heart that longs and thirsts after you. A heart that desires to praise, honor and glorify your name. A heart that marvels at your creation and embraces your awesomeness. Lord awake Your Spirit within me, a spirit that yearns to worship you for as long as I live! Be blessed... 

Jun 27, 2016

Ephesians 4:26 - I grew up hearing this verse from my mother time and time again, she was committed to live by the principles laid out in the word of God. While my father was so chilled, loved the Lord but was not a fanatic. If there were any disagreements they had to make amends before they went to bed. So when I got married at 19 years old I was so determined to be true to this scripture to the very end but it was short-lived. Now that God runs my life, I don't go to bed angry whatever bothers must be cleared up before I go to sleep. Falling asleep angry has some serious ill effects its not worth the risk! Try going to sleep while listening to the word of God, best sleep ever! Be blessed...


Jun 26, 2016

Exodus 3:14 - Growing up, I never really understood, how 'I AM' could be a name. And even when I became an adult it still messed with my head. But over the years I have heard different takes on it, but I just got off the treadmill and heard a Catholic Teacher touch on the 'I AM' teaching. And it just unlocked a stream of revelation in my heart. Couldn't wait to get to computer. God told Moses to present Him as 'I AM.' So if we are made in the likeness of God just as how we take on the family name when we are born we should also take on the name of our Heavenly Father. So yes, my name is 'I AM; I Am Healed, I Am more than a Conqueror,
I Am Anointed, I Am Strong,   I Am Forgiven, I Am Redeemed,
I Am Free, I Am Called, I Am Rich, I Am Courageous,
I Am Provided For, I Am a Giver, I Am Protected, I Am Blessed,
I Am Victorious, I Am The Righteousness of God! Claim your name and walk in what your Heavenly Father has in store for you. Be blessed...

Jun 25, 2016

Psalm 50:15 - Many times when folks are facing trouble, they find comfort in picking up the phone and calling others to tell them what they're going through. But most times these individuals cannot help and sadly, sometimes the messages will travel through the airways faster than lightening. And by the time it goes around, it gets totally distorted and is quite different than when it was first shared, yet, no resolve! In Psalm 50:15 the Lord reminds us to Call on Him, when we face trouble and He promises to deliver us, but we must give Him glory! This is a one stop shop, we don't have to go through a bunch of people to get through to Him, we have direct access. Promise me, next time trouble comes, go to God first and experience His grace and mercy. But if you feel compelled to share with folks, speak with believers who can pray with you and seek the Lord together.
Have a blessed weekend...     

Jun 24, 2016

Proverbs 22:4 -When one is Humble and Fears the Lord, the reward is beyond measure;
Riches, Honor and Life!!! "Lord, open our eyes and hearts that we can apply ourselves and conform to the teaching of your word." Be blessed...   

Jun 23, 2016

Colossians 3:12 - Folks we need to stand separate and apart as children of God. Our behavior should not puzzle the folks looking on as they try to figure out whether or not we are Followers of Christ. Let us display Kindness, Humility, Gentleness, Compassion, Patience and Love. There is a song that ends like this: "And they'll know we are Christians by our love." Will the people in the world know we are Christians by our actions? Be blessed...    

Jun 22, 2016

James 3:8 - Do we realize the power that lies in the tongue, it can be used to bring forth life or it can be used for destruction. There are parents who constantly speak negatively in their children's lives, a common one is; "you are just like your worthless father." Wow! By now many of my readers have been introduced to Mommy Cherry, she's one of my mentors, my Naomi and my Spiritual Mother, after having a long discussion with her about the effects that negative words have on the lives of our children, her friend Renee stopped by and shared this quote with her. "Words create your child's destiny." You have the choice to make it good or bad. Be blessed...    

Jun 21, 2016

Good morning Lord! You are so worthy of all the praise, all the glory and all the honor that we can utter from our hearts and our lips. It is you alone who can bear our burdens daily, you are the only one we can unload on, and we love and appreciate you. Thank you for being our Everything!
Be blessed...  

Jun 20, 2016

Now that the Father's Day celebration has ended, I wanted to share this Resolution Certificate that was featured in the movie; COURAGEOUS, a movie where real men were not afraid to commit to God and their families. The Resolution ended with one of the greatest resolutions in the bible; "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Is this truly what you have resolved to do for the rest of your life, I have. Be blessed...

Jun 19, 2016

Psalm 136:26 - "O give thanks unto the God of heaven, for His mercy endureth forever. The wording in this verse is somewhat different than the other 5 recordings but the message conveyed is the same. Is it comforting to know that God's mercy has no end? It is eternal! We need to continue living and giving thanks to God endlessly because He alone is worthy of our praise and thanksgiving. His mercy will be there for us for the rest of our lives. Be blessed... 

Jun 18, 2016

1st Chronicles 16:34 "O give thanks unto the Lord for He is good for His mercy endureth forever."  5th recording, so we are out of the book of Psalm and into one of the books of the old testament carrying the same exact message of giving thanks to the Lord. How powerful, how sacred, how profound! God deserves all our Praise and Thanksgiving and so much more. Be blessed...  

Jun 17, 2016

Psalm 107:1 "O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good, for His mercy endureth forever."  4th recording of this scripture, are we beginning to get it? Giving thanks to God is absolutely the most important function of our lives. I always knew it was important but never knew that there were so many scriptures with the same verse conveying the same message. Let us do this with a joyful heart for the rest of our lives.
Be blessed... 

Jun 16, 2016

Psalm 106:1 "Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good for His mercy endureth forever." 3rd recording of this scripture, do we really understand the importance of giving thanks unto the Lord? The moment you open your eyes in the morning give thanks. Like I mentioned a few days ago, we should create a lifestyle of Thanksgiving to the Almighty!
Be blessed... 

Jun 15, 2016

Psalm 136:1 O give thanks unto the Lord for He is good, for His mercy endureth forever. The most powerful verse in the bible; "For God so love the world...is recorded once, yet this is the 2nd recording of 'O give thanks unto the Lord.' Why do you think this is so? Think about it. Be blessed...

Jun 14, 2016

Psalm 118:1 - After being raised in church pretty much all my life I just discovered that about 5 different scriptures in the bible has the same exact quote. "Oh give thanks unto the Lord for He is good, because His mercy endureth forever." Psalm 118:1.  We ought to give thanks to the Lord continually; morning, noon and night. Be blessed...    

Jun 13, 2016

Psalm 100:4 - As believers we must have a 'thankful heart.' There aren't enough words in our vocabulary to give God thanks. God is the Creator of the Universe and He made us, He has provided everything that we need to live, He became sin for us and gave his life for us, so we need to live a life of thankfulness to Him. There is no such thing as thanking God enough. Even when things happen in our lives that we don't understand we need to thank Him. Lets browse through scriptures of thanksgiving this week so we can get it in our brains that thanking God should be like breathing. Be blessed and have a week of gratitude and praise!


Jun 12, 2016

James 5:16 - I was having a severe burning sensation in my side and I hardly wanted to mention it to anyone because I know God had healed the condition a couple months ago, so you know the enemy kept shooting darts at me to tell me I was never healed. First, I renounced him as he is the father of lies and the accuser of the brethren, so regardless of how I felt I consistently claimed my healing; "by His stripes I am healed,"  "No weapon that is formed against me will prosper," etc.  Well yesterday a committed servant  of God called me and when I mentioned to him what has been happening he reminded me that we are called to pray one for another. He told me I could call him at anytime during the night as he is called to pray for others. Now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this blessed man of God has been praying for me, because I can feel it and the evidence is there! Please don't be afraid to confess your faults to other believers and have them pray for as you pray for them, because God hears and answers the prayers of his children.
Have a blessed Sunday.    

Jun 11, 2016

Psalm 19:28 - Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching 10 little kids graduate from Pre-school, what a joy as we listened to them sing: "The future is looking good to me, I'm ready to go, the time has come." How profound, they are ready, but are we as parents and grand parents ready to step in the leadership role and guide these innocent lives in the way they should go? If there is any darkness in our path may God turn our darkness into light as we continue to shine bright and follow Christ as they follow us.
Lord keep us shining for you! Be blessed...    

Jun 10, 2016

Matthew 5:16 - So my son and his significant other owns a Pre School and today is a historical day in the life of "Shine Bright Academy" because it celebrates the first group of students to officially graduate from the school. Jolie/Owner & Director along with Teacher Roxy are great examples of 'Shining Bright. The slogan 'Shine Bright Academy where every child is a STAR came from Matthew 5:16! Among the ten graduates are two of my Shining Stars; Leniya and Anderson, my grandkids, they know what it is to shine bright and more importantly to shine bright for the Lord. Don't minimize the importance of instilling the word of God in your little ones they will not only shine bright as kids but they will shine bright for the rest of their lives. Have a blesses weekend...   

Jun 9, 2016

Romans 10:17 - So Faith has a mind of it's own, it's like a baby; if you want it to grow you have to keep feeding it with God's word. Speak the word of God into it and it will grow. Check out this popular saying:  "Feed your Faith and your fears will starve to death." We want a healthy and vibrant Faith-life but fear should be malnourished and starved. Have a blessed day... 

Jun 8, 2016

James 1:6 - 'Faith' is the major player in our walk as a Believer. Hebrews 11:6 sums it all up, "Without Faith it is impossible to please God.' So what James is saying in this verse is that when we go to God and ask of Him, we must believe that He will hear and answer us and we cannot waver. Wavering brings doubt which replaces our faith and cancels our request to God. God's ways are simple and consistent but we complicate it due to our lack of faith. Our prayer today is that God will strengthen our 'Faith-walk and help us to keep our eyes fixed on Him. Be blessed...

Jun 7, 2016

James 1:5 - James was privileged to be brother of Jesus, he did not take it for granted as he stayed close to Him and followed His teaching and emulated Him. James was very passionate about the Lord's work and became a great Encourager of the brethren. He knew that so many of us lack wisdom and all that is required of us is to ask God for it and He will give it to us. Today don't be afraid or shy to ask God for what you need because He is the Rewarder of them who diligently seek Him. We will be studying the book of James for awhile. Have a great day and be blessed...  

Jun 6, 2016

Today, 'How I Went From I Do To I Don't' In Less Than 6 Months'
By: Tricia-Anne Y. Morris, was our featured story for the month of June.
I could not help but identify the awesomeness of God in her life through this verse. How can one see any good in a situation where a woman is being abused, rejected and ridiculed? We might not, but God saw everything that she endured and He knew that this experience would help define her purpose. So God can use the darkest times in our lives and turn it around for good. Sometimes we must have the valley experience before we can shine on the mountain. If at any time in your life you go through a dark spell, cry out to God because I promise He is within reach. I thank God for Tricia-Anne's boldness to publicly share her story and I pray that she will help other women identify their purpose. Her book will tell it all! Be blessed...    


I met my husband when I moved into the apartment next to his. We became friends and soon after started dating. I saw signs of aggression pretty early in our relationship. Still, since it was never aimed at me I figured there was no need to make a big deal of it. I guess I had forgotten that how a man treated others was a good indication of how he would treat me.
After five months of dating he had asked me to marry him. I was ecstatic. All I could think of was how I had longed to be married and have children. It had not occurred to me that I never knew him well enough and so did not yet know what his goals or plans for marriage and the future were, and whether these were aligned with my own thoughts and goals. All I wanted to hear were wedding bells.

 A month after the proposal his attitude changed. He started using derogatory names, swore at me, shouted, slammed his fist into the door and threw tantrums. Although it made me uneasy, I thought that this was normal behaviour for people planning a wedding and a future together. It was only later that I realized that I was making excuses because these behaviors are not OK. They are clear signs of abuse.

I had decided to leave him but before I could I learnt I was pregnant. I told him about the baby and he was excited – so excited he promised that things would be different. They really were. Our relationships took a 360 degree turn. It was the happiest I had been in a long while.

Like everything else good about us, the joy was short lived. I found out he was cheating. I learnt he had been taking money from my bank account to support her and her child. I was furious. When I saw him rather than confront him I just told him it was over. He got mad and attacked me. My neighbor heard my screams and came to my rescue. It was an ugly scene. I swore I would never again be with this man.  

After that I really thought there was no way I would ever go back to him but then I lost the baby. Since I was not yet a Christian, I convinced myself that I needed him to get over the pain. We not only got back together, we also moved in together.

Things got sour pretty quickly. A couple of months after moving in together I found out that he was still having an affair. I finally came close to a nervous breakdown when I learnt she was not the only. What was worse was that he brought someone into our home. I packed my bags, changed my number, and disappeared.

It was two years before we spoke again. He called to say he was about to start a new job, had plans to go back to school, had become a Christian and was now a different man. I was happy for him, mostly because I had become a Christian too.

We spent quite a bit of time sharing about God and our Christian walk. We would even pray together from time to time. Before long I was convinced that he had changed. I felt I could trust him. A month later we were married.

The honeymoon month was amazing. The month after was great but we had started arguing. By month four I was walking on egg shells. Then everything fell apart.

See, neither of us had steady jobs. The bills were piling up. We both felt overwhelmed. As the days crept on it became more and more difficult to find joy in the Lord. It was so much easier to revert to our old selves. We argued constantly. I felt drained and felt too ashamed to tell anyone what was going on. I felt trapped. I thought I had to stay because God hated divorce. I thought God would hate me if I left my husband. It never occurred to me that God is love and wants me to be loved.

Things just kept getting worse. One day he lost his temper and threatened to kill me. He told me I was lucky he married me because nobody else wanted me. He told me that I was the worst kind of wife a man could have. He ranted for close to an hour walked out and vanished for days.

The first night he left I stared at the ceiling for hours. All the memories from two years before came flooding back. Memories of not wanting to fall asleep because I was afraid he would try to kill me, of feeling ashamed because of the lies he told people about me, of the name calling and fights. And though I knew it was time to end my marriage I could not help but think, How will it look? What will people say? How do I explain being married for less than the time it took to plan my wedding?

When he finally came home we talked and agreed to go back to counseling instead. As we sat with the pastor and I listened to my husband, I came to the conclusion that we should never have been married. It became clear that he believed that submission meant subservience and in his mind his needs superseded mine. I knew this meant that things would never change. The next day I told my husband I wanted a divorce.

It has been a year and a half since our separation. I am restored and I walk in my healing daily. To get to where I am now involved me making deliberate and strategic moves.

Firstly, I made a clean break from my husband. I threw away everything that tied me to him, ended all communication with him, limited my conversations about him, and deleted any discussions we had since I had no need for them where the courts were concerned.
Secondly, I filled the void left by our separation by creating my own routines. I started volunteering, attended Bible school and hung out with friends every Friday evening. My routine helped tremendously. Otherwise, too much free time would lead to me missing him.

All this redirected energy drew me closer to God. So third on my agenda was recommitting my life to Him. This led me to a deeper life of prayer, worship and reading of the Bible.

In my prayer time one day the Lord told me that the friction in my marriage was not just because of my husband. I was also to blame. I had not prayed enough for my marriage or husband. I was not submissive. This was a slap in the face because I thought I had done everything I could to nurture my marriage. So fourth on my list was repenting of the mistakes I made, and asking God to forgive us and bless us both. (Luke 6:28)

The Lord also showed me that I needed to renounce every negative word, every curse word, every derogatory word, and every death word that was spoken over my life, whether by me or my husband.

Finally the Lord said “You’ve renounced the negative words but you need to replace them with affirmations.” So I committed to declaring every day, all that God says about me: I would personalize Scriptures and read them aloud, activating them into the atmosphere so that my soul and the enemy of my soul would know that I know who I am. “I am a friend of God” (Exodus 33:11), “I am rooted and established in Love” (Ephesians 3:17), “I am restored” (Job 22:23), “I am renewed” (Isaiah 40:31), “My soul will prosper” (3 John 2), “My soul is healed” (Psalm 19:7), “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

I thank God for what He has done in my life. I thank Him because He helped me to recover from what could have been the death of me. Now I use my experience to help others. I conduct talks and seminars on partner abuse. I believe I have been given a second chance. I have been given the chance to live again and I am committed to taking that gift to help others in whatever way I can.

From I Do To I Don't: Overcoming The Wounds Of A Bad Relationship. Her Book describes her experience in an abusive relationship and the strategies she used to heal from the relationship wounds. The book is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle format. Read more at



Jun 5, 2016

Another of God's unfailing promises; He will keep us in absolute peace when we keep our minds on Him. Praise be to God have a peaceful Sunday and be blessed...

Jun 4, 2016

The words spoken to Joshua in the book of Joshua 1:9 is the same words God is speaking to us today. Be Strong & Courageous, be not Afraid & Discouraged because God will be with you wherever you go. Do you really believe this? Well Joshua did! He took God at His word and boldly led the children of Israel, he led the Falling of Jericho, he spoke and the sun and the moon stood still. His boldness came from obeying God and not questioning any of His commands. My prayer is that we will walk in obedience and take God at His word. Read the book of Joshua, its a thorough recording of a Bold and Courageous Servant of God. Be blessed...     

Jun 3, 2016

A few months ago some health issues flared up and I was referred to radiology to have CT scan and ultra sound done. My Spiritual Mother, whom I often refer to as my Naomi, accompanied me. So we sat in the waiting room talking and catching up as we had not been together for a while, nothing was rehearsed. Before long the Radiologist came through the double doors and called out my name. Mommy Cherry jumped up and went through the double doors and boldly said to the Radiologist, "I need to pray with her before the test, so please join hands with us as we pray." Please note that Mommy Cherry did not ask for permission and she did not leave room for a 'no.' Few weeks later I had to do additional testing and the boldness to publicly take a stand for the Lord surfaced again. So the conclusion of the matter is that the boldness that Peter and John had is sill very much alive today! I love this mighty woman of God, she's on fire for the Lord! Be blessed...


Jun 2, 2016

Have you ever had someone pass and you were not sure if they knew the Lord and you walk around for a minute with a weight of uncertainty. When someone passes, for the most part folks are left sad, broken and feeling a sense of emptiness, but when there is absolutely no doubt about their relationship with the Lord, there is so much Hope! When I heard of Jan Crouch's passing today, it really shocked me because I had seen her on TBN a few weeks ago. But there's a Peace that consumed me and despite how the media might portray Jan I truly believe that she loved the Lord and was an Ambassador for the Kingdom. This is a great example of what God can do when you answer His call on your life. From a little tiny studio to the largest Christian Network in the world! Jan, I believe you heard these welcoming words from the Lord, "Well done thou Good and Faithful Servant, enter into the joy of My rest." When your time comes will folks be wondering if you made it or will they have that Hope? Think on these things. Be blessed... 

Jun 1, 2016

So yesterday the focus was on our words and the power of the tongue, are we speaking life or death? Today our focus is on our thought-life. Notice that the verse didn't say 'As a man thinketh in his brain, instead it says 'thinketh in his heart.' Therefore, that's where the thinking process begins. By spending time in the presence of the Lord, waking up and giving Him thanks for a new day and for the gift of life, starting our day with Him. Constantly talking with Him during the course of the day, praying, singing and just uplifting His name and then worshiping Him before bedtime. This type of relationship with the Lord will definitely enrich our thought-life. Therefore we must guard our hearts so our lives will be a direct reflection of what's in our heart. Think on these things! Be blessed...